Libertine party

Even if Madame “O” Libertine Society desires to restrain the number of rules relying on Members’ good manners and intelligence, it has however settled some participation rules to the “Libertine Party” that participants have to conform to, with the sole aim to grant a safe, comfortable and selected environment.  

Access to the party

To participate to a “Libertine Party”, you must be 18 years or older and be a Member of Madame “O” Libertine Society.

To access to a “Libertine Party” you need to reserve your participation in advance through the “Reservation” service you can find on the web site.
The reservation request can be unsuccessful for many reasons, among these the exceeding number of requests. After sending your request, you will receive a first e-mail which will let you know if it has been accepted; just subsequently you will receive more informations about the Event.

If a Member reserves his participation to the party and then doesn’t take part in it whatever the reason may be and without any notice, he will be automatically excluded from the following party. During one calendar year, if a Member makes a reservation and then doesn’t attend two or more “Libertine Party” he will be expelled from the Network.

Nobody can be admitted to “Libertine Party” without be Member of Madame “O” Libertine Society and without Reservation; the correspondence between the photos sent by the Member at the moment of pre-registration and the appearance of people wishing to enter will be also checked. The Membership card is strictly personal and it can’t be given, lent or transferred to anyone else for any reason. 

Information provided for every “Libertine Party” will also include the opening time of the party, after this time you will be not allowed to enter. This condition will be strictly observed by the Organization.

Madame “O” Libertine Society reserves the right not to admit a Member to the “Libertine Party”, at its discretion and for any reason, and to temporary or definitely revoke the Membership, taking back the Membership card and deleting the Member name from the Member list.  

The relationship with other Guests

Courtesy, respect and good manners are requested in every situation. During the party, behaviour among guests must be polite, stylish and never gross or vulgar. The Member who should be the author of any conduct not in agreement with the spirit of our parties will be taken away and immediately expelled from the network.  

Libertine Party

“Libertine Party” have been thought and organized with the hope to offer guests an amusing, refined, glamorous and erotically intriguing ambience and experience. 

Erotism like a part of our personality to be discovered with respect and curiosity of not being certain of what we are going to find in it.
The Libertine Society proposed by Madame “O” is first of all sharing a philosophy, and only later it becomes the instrument to realize it.

The entrance to the Party gives you the right to use all services provided included open bar and catering; it is possible that in some parties you will be also offered the opportunity to book tables and/or special areas; in this case, all information to benefit from these additional services will be published on the web site.  

Dress Code

The “Libertine Party” ask for a specific pre-established dress code and it will be obviously necessary to respect. The Organization reserves the right not to admit to the party Members dressed in a vulgar manner and/or not consonant with the theme, ambience and atmospheres proposed.  


In the location where the “Libertine Party” will take place, smoking is not allowed and smoking areas are not provided for. Outside smoking areas will be normally present.

It is forbidden in any way and for any reason entering with video-cameras, photo-cameras and any other device utilizable for taking picture, recording and/or reproducing sounds and images of the location, guests and/or the development of the party. Discretion and privacy are very important aspects we pay particular attention to and they must be respected and protected in every moment.

The use of the mobile phone is not allowed during the Party.

The use of any kind of drugs and alcohol abuse is not permitted. Members who should not respect these expectations will be immediately taken away from the party and expelled from the Network.

Staff collaborating with Madame “O” Libertine Society with the aim to provide Members with a high level service has been carefully selected and it is made up of professional people.  

In particular circumstances, and only for security reasons, the Organization reserves the right to check the contents of the handbags and, if necessary, to do body inspections with the help of the security staff.  

The Location

The precise location of the Party and the directions to reach it will be provided only few days before the party with a personal e-mail sent to each participant Member; till that moment Guests will be supplied with general information about the geographic area of reference which shall be distant from the Location 50 km at the most.

The Locations used for the parties are often historic buildings, castles, old residences, or charming houses with a great value, all guests are requested a respectful behavior towards the structure that gives us hospitality and towards every object. The members who should not respect these expectations will be immediately taken away from the party and expulsed from the network.   

 Limitations of Responsibility

The Organization will not be liable or responsible for any incident that may occur during the “Libertine Party”, except for the cases foreseen by the Law.

Guests are invited not to carry any object of value; the organization does not undertake the responsibility of any loss and/or damage.