Numerous private and confidential conversations are exchanged daily through the network. To ensure that these exchanges in the virtual community, or during meetings and various experiences outside the network, will take place in accordance with the philosophy of Libertine Society – i.e. with elegance, mischief and intelligence – Madame ‘O’ has established a set of guidelines, which the Members should follow during their interaction and during the course of the various events.

The participation in the Libertine Society requires compliance with certain behavioural rules, attitudes and customs, which are automatically accepted by the Member at the time of submission and acceptance by the network of his application.  

1 . Provide truthful information. Unlike what happens in almost every other online network, our members are required to provide true and accurate information about themselves. Is their responsibility to present themselves honestly and without creating false expectations with pictures and/or descriptions which are not real, both in respect of the network they are joining, and especially towards the other Members with whom they wish to share conversations, experiences and mischievous relationships.

2 . Be the Guardians of the Libertine Society. We ask our Members to behave in a proper, respectful and tasteful manner, and to be ready to defend the Society by signalling via the Report Abuse function, behaviours and attitudes that are not appropriate. We remember that all members have the critical task of being guardians of the network. Everyone is required to improve and protect the interests of the Libertine Society, taking care of its development and the harmonious growth, through advice and behaviours that reinforce its image and credibility. Lack of respect towards other members or to the network’s rules, rudeness, and inappropriate behaviour – such as personal business promotions and / or the promotion of third parties and other marketing networks organizations – will result in the immediate removal from the Society.

3 . Follow the spirit of Madame “O” Libertine Society. We do not want that the erotic world embodied and narrated by Madame ‘O’ will be used as a container of misleading and inappropriate images and information, moving away from refined eroticism and charming licentiousness that characterizes the philosophy and style the Libertine network. We ask our Members, throughout all their interactions, to follow the basic criteria of Elegance, Beauty, Intrigue and Mischief that distinguish our Libertine Society.

4 . Respect for the law and for the rights of others. We do not want the Madame ‘O’s Network will be used to promote and/or carry out illegal activities and / or violate other member’s rights. It is prohibited to use the services available within the Network to illegally obtain data and/or information, violate privacy, harass, abuse, and/or send unsolicited communications to members (i.e. Junk mail, spam, chain letters or stalking messages), damage their intellectual property and / or violate the copyright on their text and images.

5 . Conversations and meetings between Members. The growth and development of the network also depends on the sense of belonging and participation that the Members demonstrate to the Libertine Society. Sterile participation, aimed only to collect the contacts of other Members is NOT what we expect from a good libertine who shares our philosophy. In this extend, the exchange of information (email addresses and Skype) made in order to deepen the VIRTUAL knowledge of members outside the network, is NOT well received or approved, and it is only in part tolerated when not used constantly or excessively – significant and repeated violations of it will block access to the Network. The reasons for such a request lies in the fact that it is in the interest of all Members to keep the virtual world within the Society, which is increasingly developing, lively and interesting. Only by living as much as possible within the Network and by bringing into it interesting new content and ideas, can the qualitative growth of the libertine world constantly increase. In addition, the attention that the Society poses to a private and confidential exchange of information among Members should be an absolute guarantee of security and protection for each Member of the network. The exchange of phone numbers, however, finalized towards a real life meeting has for us no negative connotation, on the contrary, it is the natural consequence of an initial virtual acquaintance.