the Art of Sacred Sexuality

Madame “O” has over a number of years celebrated with you the beauty and pleasures of the Libertine way of Life.

It is now our distinct pleasure to extend this Philosophy into the realm of Spirituality, Mindfulness and Awakening by founding the “O” Tantra Academy and arranging, with a long term vision, the Transcendence of “O” retreats.

In a continuous effort to strive for excellence and perfection of body, mind and soul, Madame “O” is experiencing personally and with her closest friends, a range of different types of Tantra/Spiritual schools and teachers. This is done in order to be able to provide to her community of Members a tailored made journey in exploring this dimension with grace, sensibility and love.

This journey is for a deeper and conscious dimension of our Sexual life force energy as individuals, as coupled and as well as in a group dynamic.

Tantra actually means weaving. There are various courses and practices to introduce the participants to a wider range of experiences and doctrines for progressing through their personal evolution into the realm of the Spiritual and Physical Awakening and Enlightenment.

Everyone will be challenged emotionally, physically and spiritually; some persons may find it tough in the beginning but ultimately incredibly rewarding, definitely experiencing a growth beyond ordinary life style expectations and the reward can be a more conscious life, a rediscovery of deeper love amongst the couples who journey together, a transcendence of the past life experience boundaries which can prevent the pursuing of ecstatic bliss and happiness.

Madame “O”